Friday, May 6, 2016

Projects Update

It's been a while since I outlined where my current rpg projects stand. This will just focus on the bigger ones (the one's I've discussed here; I always have a few slow-burn, "for the future" things, as well.) First off, let me say there's been a bit of a global delay as I got married the end of last month and I'm now in the midst of integrating houses, so progress will be slower for a bit. Anyway, let's run the list:

Strange Stars OSR: First (and hopefully the only major) round of edits/suggestions are on hand, and I've begun responding to them. All the art has been done.

Mortzengersturm, the Mad Manticore of the Prismatic Peak: Also has gone through first round of edits and art is in process. I'll be running this in Juna at NTRPGCon.

Cloud Castle of Azurth: Still in the writing process. On a little bit of a hiatus to get one of the other projects off the table.


Matthew Schmeer said...

What about the Weird Adventures Companion, which is still advertised over there on the side of the blog? Been waiting for that for a few years, man. Love the the other stuff we've been seeing bits and blobs of, especially Azurth.

Charlie said...

Congrats on the marriage, Trey!

Trey said...

Matthew: Thanks for your continued interest. I do want to do the WA Companion (maybe coinciding with 2nd edition of WA), but Hydra has got to get other "big projects" off our plate first.

Charlie: Thanks!

JB said...

Congrats! Glad progress is continuing ("slow" is better than "no").
: )

Trey said...

Thanks. That's definitely true!

Chris C. said...

Congratulations on your wedding! Wish you both the best!