Monday, May 16, 2016

The Shooting Star Folk

The Shooting Star folk (or Asterians) are a vagabond and rowdy bunch, who are generally not welcomed among the Stars and Planets that comprise polite society of the heavens. They are forever crashing into things, (Planets, Stars, each other) and despite the danger, consider it a great thrill to do so, burning bright and screaming to the void.

Sometimes their dives or their landings sap them of too much celestial energy, and they must consolidate themselves into more suitable forms for whatever place they find themselves. There they wait until their fellows scream by and rescue them. [The Warforged for 5e is a reasonable approximation of earth-bond stats.] A few are known to be in the Land of Azurth at present.

Despite their unruly nature, the Shooting Star folk have a monarchy. The Tsar of Shooting Stars is Zorka. He holds little real authority over his far-flung and itinerant people, beyond being revered as the most daredevil and thrill-seeking of them all. His holds court in the void between Mars and Jupiter when he isn't out surveying the heavens on long orbits.


Anne said...

That illustration comes from a couple toys in the He-Man line. I think I had one of those when I was a kid.

tug said...

AH! Warforged in Azurth! And based on the Rock Lords! I totally had Rokkon as a kid. He was a favorite. If Waylon the Frox should meet his untimely demise in our current campaign, I think I've found my next character.