Sunday, June 5, 2016

Mortzengersturm at NTrpgcon

Saturday morning I ran a playtest of Mortzengersturm, the Mad Manticore of the Prismatic Peak. It went well, with the player's really diving in and giving the pregens some really funny characterization. And in the case of Billy Longino's Zabra Kadabra, illustration:

Zabra stole Mort's magic items!
Dennis Higgins described Azurth in his first exposure as "Disney meets Adventure Time!" (presumably with the man-eating manticores being a given. Justin "A Field Guide to Doomsday" Davis said he kept imagining it all as a Rankin-Bass stop motion feature. Justin's lips to God's ears!

Kreg Mosier, fellow Hydra Collective member Humza "Legacy of Bieth" Kazmi, and my wife Andrea (who's played this adventure 3 times now1) rounded out the group. It was a good time.


Allandaros said...

It was a great time for sure! Although I can't help think that there was someone else present, an energetic bubbly thief...

Trey said...

You are so right! My apologies! The post has been corrected. Thanks for playing, Humza!