Friday, June 3, 2016

NTrpgcon Day One

James Aulds had this shirt made from my design and it is awesome
North Texas rpg con had an auspicious start for the Hydra Collective with our very first official con booth. All our stuff was selling well as were Jason Sholtis's adventure zines (the exclusive disappeared before I even arrived) and artwork by Jason and Dave Johnson. Positive things were said about Strange Stars by at least one old school luminary, which was gratifying.

Yesterday evening, my wife Andrea and I and a few other Gplussers, including Mike Davison, played in Jason's Operation: Unfathomable game (Andrea's pull quote: "truly unfathomable" (in a good way)). My pregen was a timelost Buck Rogers/Rocketeer type named "Smash" Hannigan so I got to subject the group to my attempt at a rapid-fire, mid-Atlantic accent. It's the little pleasures, you know?

Today, time to hit the dealers room and spend money on things I don't need by must have. I'll be manning the booth this afternoon, so if you're at the con and I haven't met you yet, stop by!

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