Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wednesday Comics: Annotations on Future Quest #4

My on-going look at Don Lawrence's Storm will take a break so that we can revisit Future Quest, one of DC's re-imagining of classic Hana-Barbera characters. This will contain spoilers.

"The Land Before Questand "The Structure of Fear"
Future Quest #4 (2016), Written by Jeff Parker; Art by Evan "Doc" Shaner and Ron Randall

I am Mightor!" Mightor and Moby Dick ran from 1967-69. In that series Tor was a teenage caveman who used the power of the club to turn into Mightor. Here, Tor is older and mated to Sheera, Mightor's club apparently contains part of Omikron's mass, which is what gives it it's power. The Space Ghost cartoon has already established Mightor as existing in the same universe.

Listening to some music. The band streaming on Deva's tablet is the Impossibles,  The stars of the 1966 series were pop stars and superheroes.

"My name's Todd." Todd is one of the two main characters in 1966's Dino Boy in the Lost Valley. He meets a Neanderthal presumably named Ugh. Their first meeting is portrayed differently here than in the cartoon series and Todd is also given parents and a last name.

Called GARGANTUAN. Frankenstein Jr. shared a show with The Impossibles. Buzz Conroy was the son of a male Professor Conroy (his mother is never mentioned) who built the giant robot Frankenstein, Jr. Here, Ted Conroy was killed by sabotage by Dr. Zin (the same incident that took the life of Ellen Quest) and it is Buzz's scientist mother, Linda Kim-Conroy who builds Frankenstein Jr.


Anonymous said...

Wow, they are certainly casting an impressively wide net over the HB properties and bringing in so much, even if only if cameos.

Ron Randall is part of the art team! Ron is a great guy and solid artist, good to see him getting work.

Trey said...

Definitely. I remember his work fondly from Warlord.