Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wednesday Comics: Storm: The Legend of Yggdrasil

My exploration of the long-running euro-comic Storm, continues. Earlier installments can be found here.

Storm: The Legend of Yggdrasil (1981) (part 3)
(Dutch: De Legende van Yggdrasil)
Art by Don Lawrence & Script by Kelvin Gosnell

Storm makes the rather questionable leap of logic that the creatures whose tribe they have befriended must have evolved from dinosaurs. Since they are in the future, that can only mean their is a time machine somewhere. Storm wants to find it.

That will have to wait. The dino-people have a problem. They have been at war with humans for thousands of years, and they're loosing thanks to the the humans' more advanced weaponry. The humans have recently destroyed their eggs, wiping out the next generation.

Their only hope is to find Yggdrasil and reunite with their goddess. She is said to be imprisoned in a town to the South. Wag-Nar believes Storm can lead them their, fulfilling the prophecy.

The high priest is not so pleased. His prejudice and jealousy runs too deep. He and his cohorts plot to do away with Storm on the way south.

As they start their, they see many strange things: a floating suspension bridge, a dinosaur graveyard, a crashed starship. Ember begins to sense danger--and she's right. Human-fired bolts take out several of the dinos. Storm decides to ride out and try to talk to them. The humans are based in an ancient, crashed spaceship and call themselves the Jackal Troop. They take Storm captive and plan to kill him:

Ember bucks the dinos attempts to protect her. She convinces one of the warriors to help her stage a rescue.

Our heroes fight their way out, even stealing a vehicle. The Jackal's leader dies by his own giant insect.

Returning to the tribe, the dino-warrior relates the tale of their victory--when suddenly...

They discover an ancient tunnel!


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Anthony said...

Yes, Storm's leap of logic may be questionable. Another questionable thing is: Where did those dinosaur eggs come from? We don't see any female dino people.