Friday, December 16, 2016

I Didn't see the new Stars Wars but I did see new Strange Stars

Yesterday, Lester B. Portly sent me the rough layout for Strange Stars OSR. There is still proofing and some other edits to be done, but I wanted to show off some sample pages:

This is a page from the beginning of the chapter on Worlds, containing 22 planets/habitats described in the Stars Without Number style and random generators for orbital habitats.

This is a page from the chapter on clades. There are 20 clades in all and general guidelines for adding additional clades in the various sophont categories.


Chris Kutalik said...

I probably should recuse myself having worked on it (and that chapter in particular) but I love that illustration for the worlds chapter

Ben L. said...

the illustration is beautiful. Who did it?

Trey said...

It is a good one! David Lewis Johnson is the artist.

Colin Chapman NZ said...

Great news, Trey. Can't wait to purchase it.