Monday, December 12, 2016

Pointcrawl the Green Hell

This map is is by Harold Wilkins and found in his book Secret Cities in Old South America. All it needs is some of these locations written up and it's ready to go:

A lot of cool stuff going on there. Some highlights:
  • Unknown Mountains of Gold and Mystery - They had me at "gold."
  • Unexplored Dangerous Territory - Obviously, explored enough to know its dangerous.
  • Atlantean Hy-Brazilian Dead City - If Dead City weren’t adventure fodder enough, Atlantean ought to sweeten the mix, to say nothing of Hy-Brazilian.
  • Strange “Cold” Light in Tower - Again the Hy-Brazilian Atlanteans are invoked for probably the most intriguing place on the map. And why is cold in quotation marks--so-called cold, perhaps? The mind boggles...

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