Monday, January 30, 2017

Azurth Indexing

It's mostly been play reports and con game related posts, but a few worldbuilding Azurth posts did occur in 2016, so this is as good as time as any to collate them:

Alchemical Dwarves: An unusual and alien species of Dwarf found in the Country of Sang.
Arthopods from Nowhere: There is a place that the inhabitants call Zrgztl, but you might as well call it Nowhere because it's here and not here all at the same time.
Motley Isles: The islands are known as a haven of pirates who value their freedom above all else, except perhaps the plunder they take from hapless ships.  Vessels that call the Motley Isles their home often fly a distinctive flag: a skull and crossbones emblazoned on a crazy-quilt pattern.
Paper Town: It is generally held that Paper Town (in some sense) occupies space in the Uncanny Valley in the west of the Country of Yanth, but the most reliable way to gain entry to the town is via a fictitious entry on any map...
Shooting Star Folk: A vagabond and rowdy bunch, who are generally not welcomed among the Stars and Planets that comprise polite society of the heavens. They are forever crashing into things, (Planets, Stars, each other) and despite the danger, consider it a great thrill to do so, burning bright and screaming to the void.
Velocipede Gangs: In the eastern plains of the Country of Yanth in the Land of Azurth, there are nomads with an unusual mode of travel.


Gus L said...

Azuth remains the good stuff - whimsical, darkly humorous fairytale D&D by way of Frank L. Baum. I'm not sure how you manage to imbue a certain sense of Americana in all your settings, but it's there and its good. So my vote is for more Azuth.

Trey said...

Thanks for the kind words. I'm sure you'll be seeing more Azurth in the future!