Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Hermetic Manse: Meet Your Ghastley Hosts

A side project I'm (slowly) working on an expansion of a locale in Jason Sholtis's Bewilderlands settings called the Manse Hermetic. Here was part of the brief:

A manor house dominates the only hill on a small island in the middle of the slow-moving Lazybones River, barely visible behind a perpetual bank of heavier-than-normal Bewilderlands haze. A noble family and all their servants, rendered into a hideous undeath millennia ago by a sorcerous curse, carry on as if nothing has happened. 
This brought to mind (intentionally, I'm sure) something like Castle Amber, so first off I decided to make up an eccentric noble family to inhabit the manor.  Here they are:


Darnizhaan said...

I have an affection for this trope

Anonymous said...

Can we have a Riffraff-like handyman (as played by Richard O'Brien of course!) somewhere around the estate?

But like how the manse is coming together.