Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Wednesday Comics: Moving Fortress & Subterra

Moving Fortress by writer Ricardo Barreiro and artist Enrique Alcatena first appeared in the comics anthology Skorpio in Argentina. In 1988, it was translated into English with the help of Chuck Dixon. It tells the story of Bask De Avregaut who is making his way across the desert in an aerostat when he comes upon, and is captured by a warlord commanding the titular moving fortress. The Warlord is out to defeat a rival and reclaim his bride. De Avregaut is initially made to feed the fortresses boiler, but after proving his skill with gunnery in battle, he comes to play a more pivotal role in what follows.

Subterra is the sequel, picking up with Bask following the events of Moving Fortress. This time he crashes in uncharted mountains and is taken prisoner by a weird and decadent subterranean civilization.

Both volumes are weird fantasy brought to life by Alcatena's artwork. With designs, a little bit Gothic, a little bit Lovecraft, and a little bit Asian, his pencils are an integral part of bringing the weirdness.


garrisonjames said...

These both are old favorites of mine--incredible art!

James V said...

Great blog post, thanks for reminding me of my old favorites! Quick question though-- my copy of "Moving Fortress" mentioned Subterra, and also said that there was a third "Bask" story being planned. Do you know if that one was ever completed by Four Winds?

Trey said...

There are the only two I'm aware of.