Friday, February 9, 2018

Obscured Vision (Reprise)

In 1918, Alistair Crowley made contact with an entity he called “Lam.” Crowley drew a picture of Lam, and much has been had made of its passing resemblance to the popular image of the “Grey” extraterrestrial, but that vision of Crowley’s also resembles another Vision, the first super-being called by that name in the 1940s. Timely Comics gives us three different origins for this Vision, perhaps revealing three different occasions he made contact with our world. The only one of these that is verified is the assertion that, on at least one occasion, Dr. Enoch Mason’s “Dimension Smasher” brought him to Earth. We suspect this is true, because Dr. Saul Erdel, a one-time colleague of Mason’s, had a similar thing happen when operating a related device some fifteen years later.

With his “Dimension Smasher,” Mason was doing further work in the field pioneered by Tillinghast. Mason seems to have breached a place called “Smoke World” in older texts, which is otherwise known as the Still Zone ( and maybe the Phantom Zone. And/or Immortus’ Limbo). From this realm emerged a Martian from the distant past. A Green Martian, more precisely, a descendant of exiled Skrull Eternals. This Green Martian was a lawman named Roh’Kar.

Roh’Kar’s task was to monitor the White Martin criminal exiles in the Still Zone. He had noticed periodic “soft places” permeable to (from his perspective) future spacetime coordinates, localized to Thu’ulca’andra (Sol III). Roh’Kar, following protocol, made what contact was necessary to shore up the breaches, but did not reveal his true origins. Indeed, he cloaked himself in mysticism and altered his form for purposes of misinformation. (When actively pursuing a criminal decades later, he would be more forthcoming when enlisting the aid of Batman.) He was a lawman through and through, however, and could not resist helping to bring criminals to justice during his visits to earth.

Some accounts suggest Roh’Kar escaped the plague that killed most of his people, but was captured and held captive by the U.S. government.


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