Thursday, February 1, 2018

Operation Unfathomable Cover Aprocrypha

During the Operation Unfathomable Kickstarter and run-up to publication, I did a number of cover mockups, as brainstorming and placeholder images. Here are some of those, most of which are unlikely to grace a product. 

Remember these are mockups, not finished products. They were not complete in some cases.

First up, here's the Jason Sholtis artbook that was one of the stretch goals we didn't reach:

We thought about blacklight covers (or covers with the black vibe) for the DCC conversions:

Finally, here's an unused design for the Player's Guide recalling old Boy Scout merit badge pamphlets:


ravencrowking said...

I love the blacklight cover.

JB said...

Ditto on the backlight, though I really dig the Scout handbook one as well. You folks are fantastic wells of creativity!

[so jealous]

Trey said...


@JB - I've seen your blog and your book, so I don't think that's the case!