Thursday, June 7, 2018



F                 GD   (10)
A                 EX  (20)
S                 TY  (6)
E                 EX   (20)
R                 RM (30)
I                  GD  (10)
P                 GD (10) 
Health: 56
Karma: 50

Real Name: Kelvin Carter
Occupation: High school student
Identity: Secret
Legal Status: Citizen of the U.S. with no criminal record
Place of Birth: Empire City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Ted Carter (father), Ava Carter (mother, presumed deceased), Louise Carter (grandmother)
Base of Operations: Dawson
Group Affiliation: Super-Sentinels

Grownth. Incredible ability to grow up to 60 ft. Ranks and effects are as follows:
RankHeightBonus to be hitMass IncreaseStrengthEnduranceBody Resistance
Feeble9 feet+1CSGoodRemarkableRemarkableTypical
Poor12 feet+1CSExcellentIncredibleRemarkableGood
Typical18 feet+1CSRemarkableIncredibleAmazingExcellent
Good24 feet+1CSRemarkableAmazingAmazingRemarkable
Excellent36 feet+1CSIncredibleMonstrousAmazingRemarkable
Remarkable48 feet+2CSIncredibleMonstrousMonstrousIncredible
Incredible60 feet+2CSAmazingUnearthlyMonstrousIncredible
History: After the a laboratory accident led to the death (or perhaps disappearance) of Kelvin's mother, his father lost his job in the ensuing cover-up. He moved Kelvin and himself back to Dawson, the economically depressed Southern city where he had grown up, where rents were cheap, and he could acquire research space. Kelvin wasn’t so sure that was a good idea. When his father was seriously beaten by gang members, he was very sure it wasn’t. Modifying one of his parents' inventions to allow him to grow to gigantic height, Kel sets out to show the gangs just who the big man is around here!

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