Friday, June 8, 2018

The Super-Sentinels!

Earth's greatest heroes! Banded together for the cause of justice! 

Roll Call (so far):
Cosmic Knight!
Big Man!


JB said...

Aww. I thought this was going to be a post featuring, you know, SENTINELS (of the X-Men variety) except SUPER. What a rip!
; )

[I know the idea of giant robot mutant-hunters is "derivative" ...but what about comics (or supers RPGs) isn't derivative?]

Trey said...

Or it could have featured the Sentinels, Charlton's commie fighting folk band superheroes from 1966, or The Sentinel, the ghost of a Revolutionary War hero turned modern crimefighter from 1941, or possible the Filmation animated heroes, The Space Sentinels. Some many sentinels, but none of them are "Super" like these guys.