Friday, January 25, 2019

Imskian [5e Race]

In the DC Universe, Imskians are denizens of the 30th (or 31th Century) native to the planet Imsk who have the ability to shrink. Shrinking Violet of the Legion of Super-Heroes is an Imskian. No reason Imskians (or something similar) can't show up in a fantasy world, though.

Imskian Racial Traits
Ability Score Increase. An Imskian can improve one ability score of their choice by 2 points and another by one point.
Age. Same as humans.
Alignment. Any.
Size. Imskians are Medium.
Speed. Base walking speed is 30 feet.
Languages. Imskian can speak, read, and write Imskian and Common.
Shrinking. Using a bonus action, an Imskian can reduce their size to Tiny (in game terms, though actually height may vary). Returning to normal size also requires a bonus action. Their clothes and equipment carried on their person shrink as well. Their weapons do 1d4 less damage (minimum of 1) at the reduced size. Imskians have a disadvantage on Strength checks and saving throws when decreased in size, but an advantage on Stealth checks. They can can attempt to hide even when obscured only by a creature that is at least one size larger. Their Armor Class is increased by one at their shrunken size.


Pulpatooner said...

Should their movement be affected when tiny?

Trey said...

I think it probably should, now that you mention it. 5e is a bit loose with these things, but tiny creatures generally have a 20 ft. movement.

Alex Osias said...

Nice! Braalians next?

Trey said...

I'm not sure, but I plan to do some others.