Monday, January 21, 2019

Solar Trek: Underside of the Clouds

In the middle of the the 23rd Century, a cluster of aerostat colonies floating over 50 km above Venus were known for their achievements in the arts and sciences. What was not known until the Disrupter revolt of 2263 was that the innovation and productivity of the self-styled creative class depended on  workers who lived in relatively poor conditions in the industrial areas of the cities' underside.

 Analysis by the Medical staff of the Federation vessel, Enterprise, revealed that the chemical exposure among the workers and their families led to impaired cognitive function and, in some cases, propensity for violence. Popular theories among the upper class of the cities, particularly in the unofficial capital of Stratos, attributed these impairments to genetic rather than environmental issues. Citing safety concerns, the undersiders' movements were restricted on visits to the upper level, and they were often under surveillance by security personnel.

Pressure from the Federation after details of Enterprise's report were made public, ultimately led to increased freedom for the people of the under city and environmental clean-up.

Capt. Kirk of Enterprise observed the torture of a captured Disrupter insurgent by Stratos security forces 


PabloNada said...

love it Fuller floating cities! There was a neat solar science fiction novel I read many years ago with living sentient spaceships and a Landsraad-like organization called the Tetravalency controlling carbon trade for these far-flung human descended outposts. I can't remember the name but I enjoyed it, cant remember much more.

PabloNada said...

Oh it was called the Helix and the Sword by John McLoughlin

Leo Knight said...

I just stumbled onto this. Very cool. Someone did a steampunk solar system Star Trek here:

Any thoughts on what game system you might use?

Trey said...

Possibly Traveller. Though SWN would be a possibility. Both would need a little modification though. I suppose FASA Trek isn't outside the realm of possiblity.