Monday, September 2, 2019

City At the Center

Reading Grimjack for our comics podcast and a friend's work on a vaguely Rifts-like superhero setting, got me thinking about a sort of gonzo cross-genre setting for 5e. I'd freely draw from things like Planescape, Eberron, and a host of genres like cyberpunk and sci-fi, and whatever I decided to borrow from things like the Marvel Micronauts series, TORG, Mayfair's Demons, and Rolemaster's Dark Space. There would a gigantic ring megapolis in the center of the multiverse, part Sigil, part Ringworld.

The "standard" D&D races would represent various alternate universe hominids, so one could play a dwarf from a standard D&D world, one from a more technological background, a Steampunk world, or what have you. Warforged would probably be living robots of some sort.

Jean Pierre Targete


evangineer said...

Have been having some similar thoughts recently.

Don't know if you ever saw the Break-Thru crossover in the Ultraverse comics back in the day, but it featured a bunch of Ultras finding their way to the otherdimensional Godwheel which is the ultimate source of all Ultra powers plus much related weirdness.

So have been thinking about applying a superheroic science-fantasy frame to Dan's Great Discape setting.

Behold the GodDisc!

evangineer said...

Hmm, the Gods of Pegana meet the New Gods of Supertown.

Feel the Kirby Krackle!

Jay Exonauts said...

I love this! Man, I'm SO behind on reading your blog Trey. The Google Plus collapse has really left me wandering. :-(