Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Monster Makers of Gyre

The Promethean Society (Monstermakers, Frankensteins)
The learned members of the Promethean Society policlub believe that the multiverse is only intelligible when filtered through the senses of sophont beings, most specifically biologic sophont beings. They believe that a perfected biological being could perceive a more perfected multiverse, and thereby usher in a new age, the Godhead again made manifest through a creation worthy of it. To this end, the Promethean Society members are shapers of flesh and creators of artificial life. Some believe that mundane biological life could be upgraded through grafts or genetic alterations, while others believe only a bioroid Adam could possibly be the vessel for a new consciousness.

The equipment and supplies their experiments call for don't come cheap, so many members make a living providing biotech modifications to customers. Some make monsters for underground fight clubs, while still others illegal clones for the very wealthy.


JB said...

Is this another policlub?

The Gyre setting is cool, but I’m wondering a bit at what the players would be doing within its walls. Is it a steampunk version of Shadowrun, with adventurers being mercs outside the bounds of the normal hierarchy (and this both useful and disposable?)? Or is Gyre like a WH40K “hive world” with vast numbers of subterranean levels ripe for exploration?

Just wondering at the premise, I guess. But the world building is neat.

Trey said...

The premise is sort of Cyberpunk Planescape, so I would imagine, the characters could be ne'er-do-wells doing sort of Shadowrunny sort of things, or out on the Planes looking for whatever. While there are probably some underground levels, the dungeoncrawl would not be a big aspect.