Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Wednesday Comics: Wizards for Hire...Cheap!

Comic book writer and artist Von Allan was set to contribute a story to issue two of Underground Comix, which seems likely never to be, unfortunately. Von has a lot of comics work available, though. Stuff that you should check out like, Wizards for Hire - Cheap!

Bill and Butch are a wizard and his dog (possibly also a wizard; it's unclear) on the planet Rigel V. They are somewhat lazy, and somewhat cowardly, unless beer is on the line! Von Allan's short anthology of their adventures is sure to please anyone who enjoyed the comics in the back of Dragon Magazine back in the day, and may well also appeal to fans of modern, dungeoneering comics like The Clandestinauts. In fact, my favorite story of the three features a total party kill of an eclectic group of adventurers that would be very much at home in Sievert's work.

Von does more than D&D-related fantasy however, Head over to his website to check out other stuff he's got to offer.


JB said...

Ha! I very much like his style (both art and theme). That "Two Magic-Users" comic is pretty good, if a bit predictable.

Reminds me (a lot) of old Metal Hurlant (Heavy Metal), if a bit more light-hearted.

Von Allan said...

Thanks a bunch for this, Trey!

I'm actually curious to know how you'll compare and contrast WIZARDS with WOLF'S HEAD! :)