Thursday, October 3, 2019

The Etherspace of Gyre

Gyre, the city at the center of the multiverse, has a ghost. It envelopes the city like an invisible fog or unseen shroud, bunching and gathering in centers of commerce, thinning out in the lonely, post-industrial stretches. In its unfathomable complexity, it is more solid--more real--than the city to which it belongs. It's only ether, but ether is more tangible than ideas, after all.

The ghost is a network arising from the interconnected computers of Gyre. It's a bubble of ethereal space floating in the Astral Manifold, somehow built around the city. Like most things about Gyre's construction, no one remembers at all how it came to be there. Inside this etherspace, the data of Gyre takes on an emergent if abstract form perceivable by human minds, but not constructed by them. It's a memory palace without an architect.

In addition legitimate users, rogues slink through the pale mists, between the bright-edged, corporate data-monoliths with their constellations of vibrating, platonic solid programs, glowing like neon wrapped in fog. In the shadows, they snatch will-o-wisp secrets and pick the fractal locks to chest full of ones and zeroes that become gold in the real Gyre.

The Ethereal Plane proper has no access to Gyre's etherspace, nor do any of the Outer Planes. Officially. There are persistent rumors that hackers based in any number of planes have created backdoors, dug ether tunnels, into etherspace for their own purposes.


Judge Joe Kilmartin said...

Trey - I'm really enjoying this series of pieces. 80s cyberpunk Planescape works so much better for me than yet another fantasy city floating in space with the only difference being more elves but with different ears. MORE, PLEASE!

Also, really really enjoying the podcast. You guys talk about comics the way my friends, all old farts like me, and I do.

Trey said...

@Joe - Thanks. I expect there are more Gyre posts to come! I don't think we can help but talk about comics like old guys, as those are our sensibilities and well, the ages of some of us.