Monday, October 14, 2019

The Psychonauts of Gyre

The Psychonauts, also known as the Alchemists, are a policlub in Gyre who believe that most intelligent beings are incapable of perceiving the true nature of the multiverse and the Godhead (if such a thing exists), but the appropriately altered state of consciousness can unlock these hidden secrets. To this end, the Psychonauts engaged in personal experiment with a variety of chemical substances are neurologic modifications of their own devising. To fund these experiments they are also the primary suppliers to Gyre's illicit drug trade. They also supply many of the legal mood altering drugs many a citizen of Gyre and provided the experimental research central to much corporate subliminal media.

Psychonaut club members are always eager for more subjects (willing and unwilling, in some cases) for their experiments. They also will at times pay handsomely (or more likely over drugs or chemicals in trade) for exotic psychoactive substances from the Outer Planes.


JB said...

See, I think you could build a whole RPG around the “psychonauts” concept (with Gyre simply being a part of the background/setting). I find this idea the single most compelling so far...and I’m (generally speaking) a fan of cyberpunky stuff.

Anne said...

Yesss. Combine these drug-fueled psychedelic trances with last week's ethernet delving, and you've got some very intriguing adventure possibilities.