Monday, November 11, 2019

The Vault Job

Our Land of Azurth 5e campaign continued last night with the party meeting with the former mayor, Gladhand in an underground hideout. Gladhand wants their help ousting the new mayor who has apparently becoming something of a despot. Gladhand claims to have a stash of gold he can use to hire mercenaries, but he needs the party to get it for him.

He had entrusted the money to the Sly Took, a member of the Raccoon Folk Thieves Guild and operator of a vault where people can keep valuables they want to stay hidden. The vault is protected by a cadre of elite rat folk mercenaries and apparently some vicious weasels--and has very high security.

The party is unsure whether they should help Gladhand or not. While the current mayor was supported by another adventuring party who the group feels has stolen their thunder, they know Gladhand to be something of a crook, and the vault sounds pretty difficult to get into. Ultimately, the greedier members of the party carry the day, and they at least agree to look into the job.

Waylon uses some underworld contacts to inquire about stashing some money and potentially some magic items in the vault. He uses this visit to case the joint as well as he can. Security is indeed high, with traps, arcane locks, and requirements for 3 magic key charms for each one.

Unsure of how best to approach things, the party contemplates a frontal assault, while acknowledging this seems like a bad idea...



Gus L said...

It's wonderful to see Azuth is still going strong. Also that it has retained its grim whimsy (grimsy?). Have you found the need to tweak the 5E core rules at all or make concessions to the mechanics? I'm partially assuming your PCs are level 9 or 10 now?

Trey said...

Thanks! This is year 5. The PCs are 6th level now. Advancement slows down after 5 quite a bit, and we only play once a month. We've gone largely rules as written, but if I ever do a second campaign in Azurth, I might modify it more. I could even see using the setting in a system other than D&D.

Gus L said...

Thanks, I could absolutely see the setting in a variety of systems, from B/X to Narrative or a contemporary rules light. My own experience with running 5E in a high whimsy setting was mixed, but I was trying to run a dungeoncrawl. More mission based stuff seemed to work a bet more smoothly. I'd love to hear your thoughts on system and setting in a linger form some time.