Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Wednesday Comics: Two Collections from Roger Langridge

Roger Langridge is Harvey and Eisner award winning comics writer and artist from New Zealand who tends to work in a quirky cartoon sort of vein (though he has written Thor and did a sort of surreal strip in Judge Dredd Magazine called Straightjacket Fits). Here are a couple of his works I've read that I would recommend:

Written by Ryan Ferrier with art by Langridge tells the story of the Criminy family who looks sort of like Bosko (and sort of like the Animaniacs) who get into a series of fantastic adventures after their are forced to flee their island home by invading pirates. Criminy is aimed at younger readers (though might be more intense in places that strictly kiddie comics), but enjoyable by older ones, too.

Popeye vol. 1
IDW's 2012 Popeye series was written by Langridge with art by several different artists who do pitch perfect renditions of the Thimble Theatre characters to match the stories recalling the classic Dell Comics of Sagendorf. There were 3 volumes, all now available in hardcopy or on Kindle/Comixoloyu.


Judge Joe Kilmartin said...

I'd also strongly recommend Langridge's THE MUPPET SHOW comic from IDW before Disney bought Marvel; SNARKED, his PIXAR-ish take on Lewis Carroll; and his own, signature character, FRED THE CLOWN - the closest thing to a perfect blend of pathos and hilarity in sequential narrative ever. Fred is funnier than Chaplin.

What a Fine Hand said...

Never heard of this guy before, this was a fine intro to him.

Trey said...

@Judge - Oh yeah, I had forgotten Snarked! which I have also read. He's great.