Sunday, May 16, 2021

My Less Popular Setting Ideas

 Not ever post is a winner, particularly in these days where blog-reading is at an ebb, but some ideas seem to garner more approval than others. It's not uncommon for a single, dashed off post not to attract an attention, but occasionally there are ideas I write multiple posts on that just don't seem to make what readers I have here and on other social media as enthusiastic as they make me. Admittedly, none of these I've actually tried to play, so maybe they just don't have what it takes despite my blogging interest in them. Anyway, here are three of them:

Scavengers of the Latter Days

Far future, rationalized ("hard"). science fantasy. I've written several posts on various permutations of this. The comments often suggest this appeals to me more than it does others. In fact, after my various riffs on uses of the the Great Wheel, this may be the D&D idea that seems to appeal to my readers the least. 

Planet of the Elves

Here, maybe it's about the presentation. I got a bit more positive reception when I presented the same idea but de-emphasized the post-apocalyptic nature and didn't mention elves in the name (and to be fair, the initial post garnered better comment than I remembered on the blog). Anyway, this is Ploog/Bakshi/Wood sort of stoner, fairytale fantasy.

Ways & Sigils

Ok, this one is admittedly a bit weird because it is really a science fiction or science fantasy thing, that just happens to borrow some elements from some classic D&D settings. Anyway, the idea is that in the future, essentially the Great Wheel is discovered via hyperspace, so it's a bit sci-fi Spelljammer+Planescape. I wrote a follow-up post, then sort of did a slightly different version of the same idea later.


JB said...

Is blog reading at a low-ebb? To me, it feels more like blog WRITING is down these days.

Maybe folks are just gearing up for summer?

Planet of the elves isn't bad, by the way.
; )

Trey said...


I think its sort of a feedback loop. A lot of the people who wrote blogs read them, so if they aren't engaged with them to write them, they also don't read them.

Tanner Maze said...

Bummer these settings did not grab as many readers. I adored Planet of the Elves, and Scavengers of the Latter Days had potential. Both settings (along with Bronze Age Fantasy Comics, loved that post) are all influencing my next Campaign on Friday of this week.

Deadtreenoshelter said...

I can imagine a version of sci-fi, Spelljammer + Planescape being rad.

The great wheel cosmology has never super grabbed me though.

TheLoneAmigo said...

The lack of a "like" or "react" button on blogposts may contribute to more sensible commentary, but it also means that more silent readers have fewer ways to signal approval.

I would be very keen to read more about the Scavengers of the Latter Days and the Ways & Sigils.

Tony L said...

you have to make these into setting books like you did with Strange Stars.