Friday, May 7, 2021

Weird Revisited: Two Towns

The original version of this post appeared in 2018. These settlements go in this world, but certainly could be placed elsewhere.

: A village whose primary industry is nonnig husbandry. it specializes in the so-called healing breed of furry nonnig, whose purring and warmth is said to have a calming influence on the nerves which aids in healing, and of course, nonnig of any breed are highly nutritious and flavorful. The nonnig yards are composed of hill-mounds surrounded by small moats (the nonnigs avoid water). The nonnig breeders can be recognized by the mail gauntlets they wear on their left hands, to protect themselves from the sting of the mound wyrms that form a symbiotic relationship with the nonnigs and protect them from predation with the warrens. Some nonnig breeders may keep small mounds of scintilla-sniffers on the side, but the practical folk of Tuskinth look down upon treasure-seekers.

Harfo and Sons is the most prosperous of the breeders, though many in Tuskinth would opine that only the old man, Grenz Harfo has any particular head for nonnig-breeding. His eldest son, Halx, is a handsome dullard, and his youngest. Festeu, is a idler and wastrel. Of note, he does own a rare (outside of the Daor Obdurate) telesthetic hound. The poor beast is quite mad, made so by an over-sensitivity to human anxieties resulting from over-breeding. Its shrew-like snout is has a-quiver and dripping, and it's whip-like tail sways nervously.

Horbizond: Was the name of an ancient city, and also the current modest village that squats in a meager portion of it. The people of Horbizond dress in the decaying finery of the ancients and appoint their over-sized but crumbling homes in an equally ostentatious fashion. They live in holy dread of the Prismatic Man, an angular, crystalline visitant, who materializes at random intervals to isolated folk of the town. The actions of the Prismatic Man are various and strange. He has at times pointed with a glassy finger to hidden treasures. Other times, he has emitted a chiming that the hear perceived as some spiritual wisdom. Then there are the occasions when he has seemed to produce rays of color from his palms that struck an individual dead. If there is any rationale to whom the Prismatic Man favors and whom he destroys, the folk of Horbizond have yet to discern it. In fact, they believe it would be blasphemous to do so. The Hwaopt Library is willing to pay for detailed observations of the Prismatic Man, whose nature and purpose they are eager to discover.


Dick McGee said...

Strong Dying Earth vibe on these.

Haven't seen a Micronaut in years. Nostalgic.

JB said...

Is that a Micronaut? I don't recognize it.

Man I love(d) Micronauts. Everything.

Trey said...

It's actually Luminos from the Super Joe toy line.

Dick McGee said...

It was repackaged as Time Traveler for Micronauts. Came in several colors. Liked teh toys when I was a kid, but the Marvel comic series was even better.

Trey said...

Most Micronauts are 3.75 in. figures, and this is 8.5 inches. There was an 8 inch Time Traveler, but Luminos is hardly him repackaged has he has a different head, chest, hands and feet. This is what the 8 in. Time Traveler looked like:

JB said...

Yeah, I thought it looked more like a guy from the Super Joe line (I always forget the name of those toys). I never owned any of them "back in the day," but I remember coveting them. I *did* have a Halloween mask modeled on the "Shield" character one year. I was five years old.

Wow. I have never seen an 8" time traveller...never knew there was such a thing. I owned about half-a-dozen of the small ones as a kid (various colors). Still love those toys.

@ Dick McGee:

I was a HUGE fan of the Marvel comics. Some dark, dark SciFi there. They're a major influence on my (current) D&D campaign.
; )

Dick McGee said...

Yeah, 8.5 inches is no Micronaut. Damned if I can tell scale from tree bark.