Sunday, June 20, 2021

Operation Unfathomable Covers

 Jason Sholtis tells me that the work on the remaining Operational Unfathomable Kickstarter items is drawing to close, which is good news to a lot of people. Jason requested I send him all of the cover designs I had brainstormed for the various products. I had not looked at any of these in 4 or 5 years, but once I dug them up and thought they were worth sharing, though none of them may get used on the actually products.

This was my first design for the Completely Unfathomable omnibus. I mainly just wanted to give it an omnibus sort of feel.

This is for the same book, but thinking a bit more out of the box. It's meant to look like an old bubblegum card wax pack wrapper. 

This is the is the second design I did for Odious Uplands. It's meant the reference the sort of WPA national park posters. 

This was my proposal for the DCC version of Completely Unfathomable. It references the Skywald Publishing horror magazine style (even with a riff on it's "horror mood" tagline). It's my least favorite of these.


Dick McGee said...

I like the "bubblegum" one best myself, very nostalgic. The "omnibus" one is probably the most effective at advertising the diversity of the contents, though.

JB said...

I actually love all four of these. You're quite a talented artist.

Trey said...

Well, thanks! The actually illustrations are Jason's work, but I can take credit for the graphic design and the coloring.

JB said...

Both of which are excellent. The orange, yellow, purple and green of the last one are quite spectacular, and the Odious Uplands one gives me an art nouveau vibe that’s pretty hip.

knobgobbler said...

Those are all really great!
I particularly like the 'bubblegum' one. As a little kid I was a sucker for those packs of monster cards.