Monday, June 21, 2021

Westwind Garden

If you do Roll20, you should check out Westwind Garden, a whimsical 5e one shot for all ages written by two of my friends and gamers in my group, Gina and Jim Shelley. It's kind of anthropomorphic animal adventure (in the vein, say, of something like Redwall), but provides a rationale for why this is occurring in a human-centric campaign. It's got great art with a70-80s Disney or Don Bluth sort of vibe. Our regular group really enjoyed the playtest.

It's Roll20 features include:

  • 22 Colorful Maps - Temples, Greenhouses, Observatories, and Gardens, all in bright and inviting colors
  • Helpful Macros - Initiative Macros and Location Macros to help speed up gameplay
  • Side Quests - A huge cast of characters with different goals allows your players to explore the setting in different ways
  • A Magical Scavenger Hunt - The party must collect several objects to break the curse, but there are multiple ways to find what they need.
  • Dynamic Lighting - All maps come with prebuilt dynamic lighting
  • Custom Tokens - 23 custom tokens sure to bring a smile to all your players
  • Printable DM Guide - All handout materials have been collected into an easy-to-read Downloadable PDF DM Guide so you can easily review game details on your favorite electronic device, or print it out and read wherever you like.
  • Printable Player Character Sheets - All eight Player Characters sheets are included in the DM Guide to help them pick the character they like best, and provide easy reference during the game.

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