Monday, November 1, 2021

Horrors from the Past

I really should have posted this on Halloween, but entertaining horror is still entertaining horror, right? All last week the Radio Classics channel on satellite radio was a running a series of horror episodes from the Golden Age of radio. Here are a few of the best I heard:

"Three Skeleton Key": A lighthouse off French Guyana is overrun by thousands of rats from a wrecked derelict. Stars Vincent Price.

"House in Cypress Canyon": A strange tale of something bestial lurking in a new, post-war subdivision.

"Poltergeist": No relation to the film of the same name, other than being a tale of a malign spirit moved to horrible vengeance by a desecration of a graveyard.

"Behind the Locked Door": A sort of Lovecraftian horror story about some discovered in a cave near Lake Mead.

"The Shadow People": They can't be seen in the light, but a young woman finds out their deadly reality. 


Dick McGee said...

Ooh, there's four there I haven't heard. Thanks!

Spent last week listening to Clark Ashton Smith audio books myself. Not quite full-on horror for horror's sake most of the time but always eerie and unsettling.

Shane said...

I used to listen to these old time radio shows a lot. Three Skeleton Key was very good. I'd recommend it to anyone. They're soo atmospheric.