Monday, February 12, 2024

At Last, Thono Inn

 After a bit of a hiatus, or Gnydrion game using Grok?! continued. The party was complete:

  • Antor Hogus (Paul) - Vagabond, now with the air of authority.
  • Jerfus Grek (Jason) - A Gentleman of the Road, high on patent medicine.
  • Nortin Tauss (Aaron) - An arcane dabbler whose quality is underappreciated.
  • Yzma Vekna (Andrea) - Just along for the ride.

Inside the mysterious chest in the wagon was a device of the Ancients that the group surmised was the peddler's means of making his patent medicines. It seemed to be missing any substrate for manufacture at present. The group loaded up the chest with the device and personal supplies of the medications, which Antor and Jerfus wasted no time indulging in.

Back on the road, they soon were in sight of the resort on the banks of the Lake of Vermilion Mists. They turned over their caloot and hostler with a suitable tip. They also chose to confide in the make regarding their special mission, but then they swore him to secrecy.

They make their way into the main building of the Inn, where they are greeted by Yrleen Thono, the 25th generation of her family to operate the resort, and her husband, Gris Samber. They confide in the couple regarding their mission from the Compulsor. After overcoming Samber's qualms, they are allowed a look in the guest book. There is indeed a "W. Zunderbast" who has been there 5 days. Probably the malefactor they are looking for!

Yrleen has Merva, one of the servants, lead them to their suite. They have their luggage (mainly their appropriated chest) brought up to the room. They look forward to a dinner of lake gas steamed land crab and seasonal vegetables.


Dick McGee said...

One can't help but wonder what the results of feeding one or both of the types of patent medicine into the mechanism for further processing would be. Although one might wish to employ an unsuspecting stranger for testing the resulting product. Self-experimentation is a sure sign of incipient scientific lunacy, after all.

Trey said...

That is an as yet unexplored avenue of inquiry!