Monday, February 19, 2024

Spelljammer Revolution

There is no place in the Solar System that doesn't feel the hand of the Elvish Empire. They view themselves are benevolent civilizers, but the peoples of the Outer System view things differently. 

In amid the myriad, tiny worlds of the Asteroid Belt and on the moons of the gas giants, the fires of revolution are being feed by the heavy-handed tactics of the Imperial Navy and the rhetoric of propagandists. Soon, they may burn across the whole crystal sphere.

Take the basic "inners vs. outers" setup of The Expanse and combine it with Spelljammer, and give it a late 18th, early 19th Century gloss, and well, see what happens from there.


JB said...

Lot of Spelljammer thoughts floating around out there right now (no pun intended). I just discovered DC wrote a few Spelljammer comics. back in the day...? Have you ever heard of/read any of these? My brother had some of the AD&D and Dragonlance comics, but Spelljammer came out after he'd stopped collecting.

Trey said...

I think I have one of the Spelljammer comics (maybe the first issue?) but I don't recall too much about it.

Simon J. Hogwood said...

A little 'Shadowrun', a little 'Space : 1889', and we'll get things really cooking.

Great idea, I love the way you can spin just a few paragraphs and pictures into a viable campaign proposal.