Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cthulhu Behind Glass

I got back from my conference last night, so I'll be back to my normal posting schedule anon.  One last filler post for today. 

As a follow-up to my photo of my Howardian bookcase, I thought I'd show my Lovecraftiana bookcase, which includes not only works by the master, but allied works as well as references and commentaries.  The lower shelf (not fully pictured) holds the complete supernatural fiction of the Robert W. Chambers, who of course was one of Lovecraft's inspirations.

Probably the most obscure (though still readily available) volume here is Richard Tierney's Drums of Chaos wherein his historical Sword & Sorcery character, Simon of Gitta, teams up with his pulp sci-fi character John Taggart.  Oh yeah--and Jesus makes an appearance.  Other more off-beat titles include the flawed but entertaining Shadow's Bend, in which Lovecraft and Howard go on a road-trip to save the world, and Nick Mamatas's Move Underground, which is a Lovecraftian tale as written by Jack Kerouac.

Some of the Chaosium volumes are out-of-print, though, so maybe they're the hardest to come by, these days.


netherwerks said...

Richard Tierney's Simon of Gitta stories are a lot of fun and very, very well researched. Nice guy, too. I have a copy of his Winds of Zarr booklet that he sent to me when I was working on a project and interviewed him. The project fell-through, but Tierney was really nice to talk with and I hope to see more of his stuff get the attention it deserves. Drums of Chaos sounds like a blast, I have it on my get-soon list, but have to burn through the 100 bad paperbacks I picked-up at an estate sale before I can add any more recreational reading...

Bob Reed said...

Fun post! You should check out the new Girasol Lovecraft reprints - they are two editions containing facsimiles of all the original pulp magazine pages. Very cool... maybe I'll make a post about this set soon.

Trey said...

@NetherWerks - I haven't read Winds of Zaar, but I've heard good things. I regard to having a back log of, do it know the feeling

@Cyplopeatron - Those sound cool! I'll have to check that out. Thanks for the heads up!