Monday, July 19, 2010

Images from the City

The Mundy Guides are a series works detailing locations in the New World.  One of the most famous is The Mundy Guide to the City: A Comphrensive Guide to the Five Baronies of the Metropolis.  The guide is illustrated with photos, artistic reproductions, and comissioned artwork.  Below are some images from the original edition of the work and their captions:

Workmen atop the Baldanders Building, doing repairs.  This eagle-gargoyle was briefly the perch for nightgaunts (thought to originate on the moon) until powerful thaumaturgic wards were installed.

The poster advertising the infamous last performance of Evard Kellar.  Panic at the performance resulted in the deaths of three, the hospitalization (including psychiatric) of at least ten.

Artist's sketch of the famous Cathedral of St. Bernward, designed by so-called "mad architect" Jostan Geoffry (also designer of the Church of Our Ladies of Sorrows in the City).  The largest of the three bell towers was once haunted by a malign spirit that manifest as a hunchbacked dwarf with the head of a crow and eyes that glowed like lanterns.

Posterity Plaza, bneath the "Colossi of Industry."  The site of the yearly "Champion of Innovation" competition, which draws inventors of a both technological and thaumaturgical bent--and spies of foreign nations.


Jim Shelley said...

That image of the Cathedral is really creepy - that would be an awesome place to stage a game!

Unknown said...

I love the images of the gargoyle and the colossi. They'd be perfect for the Golden Age supers setting that I've been considering. Where did you find them?

netherwerks said...

These photos are wonderful. The descriptions are even better. I absolutely love the Mundy Guide to the City -- an excellent resource for players and DM alike. We've been building something similar into Riskail with the River Alamanac and a set of travel guides inspired by Frommers and Fodor's guides. Great minds do think alike!

Trey said...

@Jim - Funny you should say that...

@Risus - The gargoyle is (in our world) the Chrysler Building in New York. The statues are in Parkview Square in Singapore. I believe found these pics in the photo section of

@NetherWerks - Thanks. That sounds like a great idea with the River Almanac. Great minds do think alike.

Unknown said...

Oooh... Thanks!