Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Warlord Wednesday: Special Guest Star

Taking a break this week from my issue by issue review of DC Comics's The Warlord as I get ready to head out to San Diego and Comic-Con, I thought instead I'd take a look the Warlord's appearances in the wider DC Universe.

Travis Morgan's first appearance outside his own title was in Crisis on Infinite Earths #5 (1985).  Like just about everybody else in the DC universe, Morgan had a walk-on in this world-shattering (literally) crossover.  He even gets a line:

Next, he turns up in Seattle, of all places, in a two-parter in Mike Grell's run on Green Arrow vol. 2.  Fun was poked at his more than passing resemblance to Oliver Queen.  Here's the cover of the second issue (#28) of that story from 1990:

After that he made a regretable appearance in the equally regretable Justice League Taskforce series, then it was back to Green Arrow (this time Connor Hawke) for three issues.  Dan Jurgens, always a Warlord fan, brought the Teen Titans to Skartaris in 1997.

2000 saw Morgan going toe-to-toe with Aquaman, again courtesy of Dan Jurgens:


netherwerks said...

Have fun at the Comic-Con. Safe Travels. When you get back, let me know who the red energy-lady next to Morgan on the Teen Titans cover is/was. I'm unfamiliar with most of these issues, so your post has given me a list of stuff to check-out. Thanks!

Jay said...

You're going to COMICON?! I'm jealous!

Sounds like a blast--we'll expect a full report when you get back! :)

Trey said...

Thanks guys. It was a bit luck--the tickets were all sold out in January, but I buddy of mine works for a trailer house, and he knew a guy at a major media conglomerate, and that conglomerate had extra tickets they were willing to part with.

I'll post from the con if I get a chance.

Nethers, I think that girl is named Prysm. I wouldn't expect a lot from any of those crossovers (though the Green Arrow ones written by Grell are interesting playing conservative Morgan against liberal Queen).