Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lost Worlds...Found!

Any regular reader of my blog knows I have at least a passing interest in lost worlds, given that I devote one day a week to the exploration of one, and have digressed, at times, into examination of others. So imagine how pleased I was when I discovered a website with an overview of a whole lot of them.

Dinosaur Central’s Lost Worlds of Dinosauria, is both pretty comprehensive, and well categorized. You can browse by era (between 1860 and the present), or by location (Polar region? Other planet? Lost valley? You’re covered). The usual suspects are present--Pellucidar, Maple White Land,Skull Island--but there are also a load of others from more obscure sources (E\ever heard of the Hollow Mountain? Or the planet Nova, home of King Dinosaur? I hadn’t).

It goes without saying that these worlds provide a lot of fodder for pulp gaming, but of course, there’s no reason a lost world can’t be stocked with magical monsters as well as dinosaurs to provide a locale for fantasy gaming, as well.  For sci-fi games, there's always those wonders of convergent evolution the Dinosaur Planet.

So check out the site, and get yourself lost for a bit.


Jim Shelley said...

I must admit, I have a weakness for Lost World stories myself. Did you know that Disney actually had a Lost World movie? The Island At The Top of the World

Jay said...

Very cool!

John Matthew Stater said...

Great resource. Thanks for pointing me to it.

Trey said...

@Jim - Yes, you pointed it out last time I posted about lost worlds. You like obsessed with that film. ;)

@Jay and Matt - Glad to be of serivce.

netherwerks said...

Dinosaur central is an incredible resource, thanks for sharing it!