Friday, June 10, 2011

Dragged from the River

A lot of unusual things get pulled out of the Eldritch and Wyrd Rivers that run through the City and flank Empire Island. Here are a few examples (1d12):

1. A crate packed with soggy straw and 1-4 large blue-gray eggs.
2. A chained box containing a frog. The frog will dance belt out vaudeville songs--but only when just one person is present.
3. A doll crudely made but nevertheless bearing an uncanny resemblance to one of the PCs.
4. A mummified creature:

5. A metal hand that, when placed on a hard surface and unrestricted, will scuttle and orient itself to point west.
6. A metal box resembling a hat box, difficult to open due to a magic lock. In darkness, a glow emanates from its seams. Particularly sensitive individuals my hear soft moans periodically from sinide.
7. An undead mermaid bearing a zombie contagion.
8. A shabby coat--which is utterly dry, and in fact, can never be made wet.
9. A case of bootleg whiskey an imbiber will be able to perceive the astral plane for 1-2 hours, and then be sick for 2-8 more on a failed save.
10. A figurine of snake-like creature with human arms. Anyone who touches it will have a nightmare about a basalt ziggurat beneath a blood-red sun in some distant jungle.
11. A book of matches from "The Ostensible Cat" night-club.
12. A wax phonograph cylinder containing a third of a potent magical incantation.


The Angry Lurker said...

No.7 is a real crowd pleaser.

Alex Osias said...

I agree. No. 7 is a fantastic adventure seed by itself.

And No. 2: the dancing frog works best if it only dances for the same one person over and over again.

Trey said...

@Ka-Blog! - Well, everybody loves the Michigan Rag. ;)

Porky said...

These really get the imagination going. If we're choosing favourites, for me no. 5 has a charm even more peculiar than the others. Much more than an adventure could built around that one.

christian said...

I love the Ostensible Cat nightclub. i met my wife there. Good times...

Unknown said...

Let's hear it for random flotsam! Cool. :)

Meowlissa said...


That picture is killin me :P

You better have a good weekend over there. Because I said so. K? K.

Trey said...

@Porky - Just what I was thinking of. :)

@Christian - It's a happening place. We have Johnathan Bingham to thank for that one.

@Risus Monkey - Maybe a little jetsam in there, too. ;)

@Meowlissa - Only 'cause you said so, M. ;)

Canageek said...

Anyone who touches it, not anyone you touches it. Just thought you might like to have that pointed out.

Trey said...

Thanks for stopping by, Canageek.

Needles said...

Dude let me just dreg this from ya. This is an awesome table & works very well. There's lots happening here that works awesomely for your tone of the city! Please stop making such interesting stuff & give me the thing already. Sheesh I've got to run this! Like Now,man.

Gothridge Manor said...

I'm with needles, but I think I've been saying that from the beginning. Great stuff Trey. For some reason #8 made me think of that weird coat Harry from Third Rock from the Sun always wore. But pretty much any of these entries would make good fodder for that little extra something in an adventure.

'gina said...

First time I missed a game, the dudes I game with (in Trey's game, no less) killed that mermaid thing with a keg.

You read that right. With a keg. A beer keg.

There is simply no rest for the wicked.