Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mail Order Magic-Item: The Hypno-Coin!

The hyno-coin allows anyone who possesses it and has read the accompanying book of secrets and instructions (learning the 25 lessons contained there in) to hypnotize others. This acts as the spell Hypnotism, other than it can only be used on one person at a time (without the single creature saving throw penalty) of no more than 3 hit dice. Beings of any number of hit dice many still be fascinated by the coin if appropriately used.

In the hands of a thaumaturgist or other truly skilled mesmerist the coin aids in the casting of Hypnotism and other subtle compulsion spells by giving targets a -1 to their saving throws to such spells generally, but doubling the saving throw penalty when hypnotism is used on a single creature to -4.

The hypno-coin is usually gray and white and 1.5 inches in diameter.


Needles said...

This is a very nice item. I'm surprised that you haven't done a novelty shop/spell shop for the City..yet
I wonder what the City's version of the Johnson Smith's company is? The hypno coin is fab

Unknown said...

I'd definitely order me a pair of X-ray glasses if you ever decide to offer those for sale. I always wanted those.


Are you back from Ultima Thule yet? I hope you're having (or at least have had) a blast, whatever you were up to up there.

You know, the other night I dreamt that you went there to hunt bears, and that you returned with one of those scary chairs made of the claws, teeth and pelt of your prey.

Trey said...

@Needles - I think there are a number of shops like that in the City. You're right, though, I haven't really specifically talked about one yet.

@Harald - I wish I had a bear chair, but alas, rustic as Alaska is I haven't come across one yet. I'm leaving Ultima Thule tonight when the sun will still be shining.

Anonymous said...

have you ever come across the 7 foot robot plans? ddkaviraj@aol,com