Monday, June 6, 2011

The Fat and Lonely Frog

That fat frog isn’t a statue! It’s no idol of a god but the god itself--or at least the part of it that can fit into four dimensions. It’s a god, and it’s terribly lonely and lovelorn.

That flower and basket are gifts to woo the object of its desire. It appears in a person’s dreams and offers those gifts naively, sweetly. Once it’s made contact with a person, however, its gifts become more personally meaningful--and seductive.

The frog must be resisted at all costs. Notice it’s obscenely over-full belly. The objects of the frogs devotion wind up there, slowly being dissolved and subsumed into the frog’s alien substance over eternity.

When encountered has a 60% chance of developing an interesting in the person present with the highest Charisma (in event of tie, the first one it saw gets preference). The frog enters the unshielded mind of the object of its ardor in dreams. The victim will imagine the frog has promised them of great value--riches, station, his or her hearts desire.  The Frog will charm person (as a 12th level caster) to make the victim succumb and return to where its statue is so he may swallow them up. Saving throw gets a +1 for every 10 miles distance the victim is from the statue at the time of the frog’s overture. A victim swallowed by the frog is alive for a period of time, but held inside the frog’s extradimensional substance and unable to escape with the use of magic (teleportation or the like) even if they wanted to do so. 
Inspired by Tim's worries about his and the Whisk's batrachian garden statue, and JB's challenge to write something related to it. 


Gothridge Manor said...

The frog must be resisted at all costs. Yes it does.

Another fun entry into JB's contest.

The Angry Lurker said...

Good entry and strangely alluring.


That RPG stuff is very original !

Simon Forster said...

Nice. I made up an adventure location for that challenge too; your lonely god would fit perfectly with it.

Trey said...

Thanks guys.

@Simon - Are you going to post yours or wait on the results of the challenge? I'm interested in what you came up with.

The Happy Whisk said...

This is very very good. Fantastic.

Trey said...

Thanks, Whisk. Glad you liked it. It is your statue, after all. ;)