Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Kind of Dame Gargoyles Like

In the City, Creskin, Don Diabolico, and Boris (now calling themselves--somewhat prematurely--Team Victory) had dinner at the posh “Pauper’s Row” mansion of Urania Vandemaur. They discovered the Vandemaur matriarch most certainly does not approve of the cigarette-girl from across the Eldritch River that her son, John, chose to marry. In fact, she’s certain Viviane killed her son--and is willing to pay to have her brought to justice by any means necessary.

Never ones to blanch from suggestions of illegal deeds where money’s involved, our heroes take her up on her offer. They also take note of a tidbit dropped by Urania--insignificant to her, but very significant to our would-be detectives: John Vandemaur had remarked that "even gargoyles loved" Viviane.

A late night meeting with a shady forensic necromancer confirms the skinned body they found was indeed John Vandemaur and that he may have been betrayed by someone he called “darling.” His traumatized soul can’t give them anymore, but that’s enough.

The boys are eager to confront Viviane, but she won’t see them until tomorrow. They try to use the map they took from Bliss’s extradimensional bolt-hole to find more clues, but without a lot of success. Finally, they're able to use the second glass sphere to contact Bliss, and he offers a meeting back at Club Tekeli-Li.

One exorbitant cab ride later, they’re attempting to interrogate Bliss at the club. He wants the spheres back, but our heroes won’t budge. They manage to get Bliss to give up quite a bit: He was Faustus Bleys--and the inhuman being that calls itself Viviane Vandemaur was Bleys’s scribe mentioned in the tome. Viviane double-crossed Bliss for obscure reasons and put him in the coffin. He also claims she killed John Vandemaur. Still, Viviane’s motives remain a mystery. Why did she hire them? Was it just to get them out of the way as Bliss claims? And what’s the true purpose of the spheres? Bliss wants one badly (the one they stole from him), as he says it allows him to open “certain doors.”

Our heroes meeting with Viviane will likely turn into a battle--against an inhuman killer.

This adventure also marked the debut of Creskin’s new henchman (courtesy of Fleischschild’s Institute in Lichmond): cornfed and none too bright, Moose Magoon:


Creskin plans to put him in a sequined outfit as a stage assistant, too.


Jim Shelley said...

I'm really enjoying these write ups of the game. I'm thinking ours is going to be just as fun!

Gothridge Manor said...

You will find Boris's thoughts at the Manor. Great game last night. Between the cats having sex outside Chris's window, creation of the Team Victory sign and spending a half hour on how Creskin was going to dress his henchmen I was laughing the whole time. Good stuff.

Pat said...

I have this nagging feeling we aren't seeing the whole picture. Sure, Vivian murdered John, but how does Bliss fit in? No way he's innocent. He's way too evasive.

Trey said...

@Jim - Well, that will at least in part be up to you guys. :)

@Tim - It was one of those funny sessions, which ain't bad.

@Pat - Nobody's innocent in this whole town, Creskin.

garrisonjames said...

"Nobody's innocent in this whole town, Creskin." Love it. This is so Noir in all the best ways. Great stuff!

Canageek said...

He wants the sphere’s back,

Should read
He wants the spheres back,

Just saying. Glad to hear your homegame is going well.

Trey said...