Friday, May 25, 2012

Stupid Little Fairies

An elvish sorceress from the eldritch future world sometimes called the "Planet of the Elves" blasts a couple of pesky ultraterrestrials.  These creatures are said to flit across the ether on their shifting-patterned wings, but more commonly arrive in craft of some sort.

Sorceresses shouldn't be confused with "wizards" who are a whole another sort of being, separate from elves, dwarves, or their lesser kin.  Wizards are extremely dangerous for many reasons--not the least of which being all seem to suffer from some form of insanity, the product of their quest for power at all costs.

Elsewhere, in a dwarven tavern, an adventurer regales the other patrons with a tale.  The trophy under his foot is the head of one of the Metal Men who are sometimes encountered in the ruins. Some are friendly; some are not.

Both pieces are by the very talented Steve LeCouilliard.

Everybody have a good Memorial Day weekend. I'm starting mine early!


Jim Shelley said...

I really like that Sorceress pic. I hope all these Planet of the Elves allusions are building to something!

Jesse said...

I saw these when Steve posted them on his blog, but I didn't realise they were for you! Nifty.

The Happy Whisk said...

Happy weekend to you, as well. Tim and I are on a mini staycation.


Needles said...

Are we turning this into a setting pdf? If not your doing a disservice to your readers. It reads like a cross between the film Wizards & Labyrinth. Good stuff

Trey said...

@Jesse - Yep. Small world. :)

@Whisk - Enjoy your staycation.

@Needles - I think I may do just that.