Monday, May 21, 2012

The Room at the End of the Hall

An ominous door at the end of a hall in a cheap tenament somewhere in the City.  We step over the drunk sleep it off outside.  Behind the door we find:

1. Two sets of men's clothes in puddles of goo.
2. A roiling red-tinged fog that seems to pulsate as if with the beating of a heart.
3. A well-dressed man from nowhere.
4. Walls bear but for peeling paint.  The faint sound of a child sobbing.
5. A group of 1d6 hobogoblins gathered around table watching two men play Russian roulette.
6. A single bed with a large constrictor snake curled upon it with a ominous bulge.
7. Smears of blood on the floor; a naked hanging lightbulb swinging, as if recently disturbed.
8. A nest of bugbear hatchlings and their strange birthing machinery.
9. A hillybilly giantess in a gingham dress sitting on a bed and sobbing into her hands.
10. The grim reaper seated at a table with a chess board.
11. The complete skin of an elderly man draped across a bed as if in repose.
12. Pulp magazines stacked almost ceiling high and forming a veritable maze.

Other ideas?


Gothridge Manor said...

13. A shotgun sitting on a desk, a faint smoke curls out of the barrels. The beam of a flashlight taped the the shotgun shines on headless orangutang.

The Angry Lurker said...

Now that's a room, brilliant Trey!

Trey said...

@Tim - Thanks, Tim! You reminded me I have left off the line to encourage audience participation. Good stuff.

@Lurker - Thanks.

richard said...

trailing wisps of mist in a corner, and an indescribable smell.

the inside of a whiskey bottle.


Sean Robson said...

@Tim: Good one!

A little girl holding a teddy bear in one hand and a straight razor in the other, singing a nursery rhyme. Her bloody footprints lead from the bathroom.

Anonymous said...

A fresh breakfast, the eggs still hot and the coffee steaming is laid out on a table with a red and white checked tablecloth. A copy of tomorrow's newpaper is folded besides the plate.

A noose fashioned from bedsheets hangs from the light fixture. Discarded racing forms and newspapers are scattered across the room. A smashed radio flickers its life away in the corner providing a statics hiss of noise to the room.

Trey said...

More excellent suggestions! Thanks, gentlemen.

Gus L said...

A cabal of maimed soldiers, depraved addicts, sullen orphans and starving widow in the midst of a ritual to summon the avatar of the eikon of hopeless poverty from the deed and note of a foreclosed farm. Their purpose is vengence and thiet diety has a proposition for visitors ... or a use.

Trey said...

Very nice! Thanks. said...

that's weird hall for me

Kai-Lee Kenniz said...

A moose!!!

Okay, that was stolen from Invader Zim, but here's my serious suggestion.

Another hallway exactly like the one before it with another door exactly like the one you've just walked through. As you keep walking through door after door you find it seems endless, but is it? Clearly there's something you're missing, something different you must do to escape the endless loop of hallways and doors, but what?