Thursday, October 4, 2012

Battle in the Skies!

In last night's thrilling installment of our WaRP Weird Adventures campaign, Boris, Diabolico, and Cornelius Doyle engaged the enemy more directly than they had before.  When setting the surface of Greasy Lake ablaze (with a flare gun!) failed to scare up anything, the gang went to meet with Hew Hazzard at Zephyrus Aerocraft to tell him one of his engineers was working with a dangerous group involved with the so-called Machineries of Night.

Hazzard had heard of those.  It seems a group of adventures had fought them years ago to save Hardluck from being subsumed into the Machine.  He was shocked to find out his trusted employee Silas Atwill might be working with them (or it?). 

They went to confront Atwill and found him trying to make an escape out the window. One of the flying automata seemed to be coming to get him. The cloaked and masked being he called "the Master" was with it!  When the gang stopped Atwill's escape, the Master just disintegrated him with a a blast from a weird rod.

The automata and the Master flew off. Hazzard and the gang gave chase in an experimental autogyro-bladed airship.  What followed was a pitch battle with two other automata in midair.  Bullets were flying and the automata were trying to destroy the rotors and bring the craft down.

Ultimately, the gang destroyed both automata (with a lot of shots fired) and Hazzard was able to land the damaged craft safely. 

The mysterious Master, however, got away.


migellito said...

That sounds completely amazing!

garrisonjames said...

Experimental Autogyro-bladed Airship. Murderous automatons. Cloaked and masked villain referring to himself as 'The Maser.' Bullets flying everywhere. Yes. That's frikkin' awesome!

Trey said...

Thanks guys. It was a good session, though the toughness of the robots frustrated the guys at times.

Unknown said...

Oh yeah! No pulp adventure is complete without a battle in the sky with airships. Robots/automata are icing on the cake.

Trey said...

Yeah, I'd been avoiding a lot of those "pulp adventure" cliches in favor of mystery and detective work, but it seemed high time to trot some out.