Friday, October 12, 2012


Our Weird Adventures game got postponed another week.  So memories don't get dim during the hiatus, I thought I'd review where things stand with the major NPCs in this tale:

William Carmody: A brilliant scientist working on automata.  He was in possession of an alien artifact that appears to have been related to the Machineries of Night.  He's now a brain in a jar with a bad memory and a automaton caretaker.

Olimpia Kapec: Carmody's missing fiancee and lab assistant.  Maybe Carmody's would-be murderer's nabbed her?  So why can no trace of her be found except for a few photos?

Hew Hazzard: Aviation industrialist.  He helped our heroes fight off attacking automata. They could use an ally like.  Still, how far can they trust him?

Silas Atwill: Hazzard's chief of Automata Research--and secretly an acolyte of the cloaked and black armor wearing Master of the machine uprising. The Master disintegrated him rather than let him be captured.  He had a copy of a strange manifesto referencing the Machineries of Night in in his home.

Eisenmensch: Men made more (and perhaps less) than human in the service of their fatherland.  Some of these disgruntled cyborg veterans seem to have been recruited into the Master's cause: transforming all of humanity into machines.

Machineries of Night: Is this the black mass of tiny cogs and wheels beneath Greasy Lake?  The presence that seems to make the psychic Loone a bit queasy.  When the Machineries first invaded it took blowing Gabriel's heavenly horn to defeat them.  Is all they need the complete dodecahedron to live again?

The Master: Thin, with a hidden face and distorted voice. dark heart of the mystery...


The Angry Lurker said...

Thanks for that Trey!

Gothridge Manor said...

Ah, now I remember.

Anonymous said...

I really need to get my WA game going again, sort of busy with a co-conspirator on something right now, but I had a dream about Weird Adventures and wrote down two ideas that I am going to implicate:

1 Smoke Wizards: Sort of mercenary magi that can move like ghosts through smoke and fog and cause all sorts of troubles, they love meetings in crowded dance halls full of smokers or those chilly autumn nights when the fog rolls in.

2 The Namer's Guild: Goody-Two-Shoes magic-users and non-wizards that gather the true names of magic users in the city to keep track of their whereabouts via scrying. Wizards that commit crimes or otherwise offend those in power are Named, which expels them from The City and removes their powers for one week. The Namer's Guild are currently after the Smoke Wizards for a variety of reasons and a new player will be a Smoke Wizard, complicating things.

Trey said...

You're welcome guys. Tim, I'm sure you remembered anyway--unless you've been hitting the Old Panther again.

@Vaults - Good stuff,there! Those were some unusual--but helpful--dreams.