Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Warlord Wednesday: Halloween Edition

Travis Morgan and his friends have encountered a lot of frightening things so far on Warlord Wednesday. Here are a few of the horrifying highlights:

The Children of Ba'al (issue #23) didn't seem that scary at first, being gold skinned and good-looking and all--but then they decided to sacrifice Morgan to their god and cooked at ate some of the brutish Orms.

While we're on the subject of sacrifices and gods, when the android Bogg (issue #39) invited Morgan to the feast of Agravar, Morgan had no idea he was going to get fed to a worm-thing.

Lest you think it's only Morgan that get's into these fixes, recall the Machiste and Mariah survived a shipwreck to get rescued by:

Which probably qualifies as "going from bad to worse."

Morgan also encounters horrors that are pretty appealing at first glance.  Azrael, the personification of death, is one of them.  Another is the sexy Cobra Queen from issue #28.

The greatest horror of them all would have to be Morgan's recurrent nemesis, Deimos the Demon-Priest.  Deimos was never so horrific as when he was a head on a hand after being chopped to pieces in his previous encounter with Morgan:


garrisonjames said...

Interesting cavalcade of horrors there. Deimos as a head-on-a-hand is inspired lunacy. What a great way to make a thoroughly despicable villain even creepier and nasty. I'm sorry I missed most of these later issues now...might have to go scrounge up some of the collections...

Oh and Happy Halloween.

Gothridge Manor said...

Personification of Death, the Cobra Queen. What is not to like about that one. Deimos however, hardly the highlight of that picture. I like the worm and its corrugated tongue.

Trey said...

@Garrisonjames - I hope you had a happy Halloween, as well.

@Tim - Ribbed for its dining pleasure!