Monday, June 24, 2013


The Kosmoniks or Cosmoi are a clade of traders (and sometimes pirates) believed to be descended from space-adapted humans, now acclimated to hyperspace. Though they are most commonly found in their rune inscribed ships in or around the nodes or operating terminal stations near stars above the galactic plane (in the vicinity of Deshret, for instance), but they roam far into the Zuran Expanse.

Appearance and Biology: Kosmoniks are short (1.4 m tall on average), lean, and have arms almost as along as their legs. They have dexterous, four digited hands and their feet are prehensile. Their gray skin is a flexible membrane, engineered to afford some protection against hard vacuum. Their most unusual trait are their faces: they are flat and hidden behind smooth, glossy masks, featureless except for their dark, membrane-protected eyes. This mask is thought to nanotechological device, but no non-kosmonik has ever had a chance to examine one.

All kosmoniks are mute. They communicate with each other via sign language, but carry translator devices to interact with other cultures.

Psychology: Kosmoniks are friendly, but superstitious. They are given to finding hidden meanings and interpreting signs and portends from events. All kosmonik groups have a set of taboos, but each kosmonik is likely to idiosyncratic ones, as well.

Stats/Abilites: Kosmoniks have ability scores in the same range as humans. They are able to withstand exposure to vacuum for two rounds before they must begin to make saving throws (and get a +1 to those saving throws). They also get a +1 to saving throws against radiation.


Gothridge Manor said...

I can see having a lot of fun with this race. And their masks being the most popular during Halloween.

Chris C. said...

"All kosmoniks are mute. They communicate with each other via sign language, but carry translator devices to interact with other cultures."

Interesting twist. I like this. You could probably have a lot of fun with PCs being stranded somewhere dangerous with a kosmonik whose translator device is broken.

letsdamage said...

Looks like the Dover Demon. I am not a fan of the Dover Demon.

Aos said...

I'm worried that oral sex has died off on their culture. I'm going to start a charity: mouths for mutants.

The Angry Lurker said...

Evolving back to space chimps>

Trey said...

Thanks guys.

@bizrack - Better on worse than the Hopkinsville goblins?

@Aos - I think direct heural stimulation and simulation has obviated the need for actual oral sex, but I'm sure they would appreciate your concern.