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Warlord Wednesday: The Vision Quest

Let's re-enter the lost world with another installment of my issue by issue examination of DC Comic's Warlord, the earlier installments of which can be found here...

"The Vision Quest"
Warlord #129 (May 1988)
Written by Michael Fleisher; Art by Jan Duursema

Synopsis: Morgan is awakened from a nightmare about Tara and the Scavenger of Souls by a woman on “bronto-charger” who’s being chased by “blood-crazed marauders.” As he’s wont to do, he leaps to her aid without any real clue as to what’s going on. Morgan and woman (no slouch in combat herself) quickly dispatch the marauders.

She introduces herself as Aoife, Battle Maiden of the Cuchulainn Clan.

Morgan knows those people. Aoife is pretty far from home. She explains she’s chasing a vision she had:

Somehow, those images mean she is to meet her destiny on the Isle of Xur-Chemosh in the Tourmaline Sea. Morgan has never heard of it, but he's just wandering anyway, so...

Meanwhile, in another part of Skartaris, Mariah’s bathing in a pond under the watchful eye of Danny Maddox. That turns out to be luck when a winged serpent attacks her. Danny does it in with his automatic rifle.

Immediately after, they meet a group of veiled tribesmen visiting the watering hole. The tribesmen lead them back to their village in the middle of an unusually parched desert, surrounding a half-buried spaceship.

Not everybody is so welcoming. The high priest thinks no one can kill a sky serpent. He warns the strangers to stay away from the shrine. We also learn the name of this place is Xur-Chemosh. Quite a coincidence, eh?

Despite the priest’s warning, the first thing Maddox and Mariah do is check out the spacecraft. They find a skeleton with a weird flight helmet—which Maddox immediately puts on. The priest arrives and starts calling them defilers. Before the situation can escalate:

Maddox knows how to stop them. He presses a button and energy beams shoot out of the spacecraft, killing the monsters. Maddox is hailed as a savior.

Beginning their quest for Xur-Chemosh, Morgan and Aoife enter a village. Aoife gets a premonition that a stone wall is going collapse, she manages to scatter the villagers, but would have got hit by it herself, if Morgan hadn't intervened.

Back in Shamballah, Jennifer is worried about what’s going on in Khnathaiti’s cave beneath the mountain. Jennifer puts a spell on a bird and sends it out to do some recon. Khnathaiti sees it coming and knows whose it is. She blasts it—blasting Jennifer, as well.

Things to Notice:
  • This is the first issue of Maddox's Revenge.
  • The letter column reports that Warlord goes to bi-monthly with this issue due to lowsales.
Where It Comes From:
With the introduction of Aoife, Fleisher starts hitting Celtic mythology and languages pretty hard. "Aoife" itself is an Irish female given name meaning "pleasure" or "radiant." Cuchulainn (Irish for "Culann's Hound") is the name of a Irish mythological hero.

Xur-Chemosh, on the other hand, comes from "Chemosh," a god of the Moabites mentioned in the Bible.

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