Sunday, May 18, 2014

Giant Fire-Breathing Lizard vs. Giant Space Robot!

With a new Godzilla movie in theaters, it's a good time to stat him in terms suitable for my quick-and-dirty Giant Space Robots! old school minigame. A close examination of the films might lead to different tactics or special abilities being applied to each of the versions, but I'll leave that to the Gojira-philes amongst you. (bear in mind that all creatures are giant in GSR!, so the scale of hit dice and what not are shifted).

A 50-55 m giant fire-breathing lizard has 3 HD (a less robust giant dinosaur might have 2+1) and does 1d4 with a bite or 1d6 with a tail slap. Their breath attack does 1d6+1.

An 80 m specimen has 5 HD and a 1d8+1 breath attack.Their bite and tail slap are 1d4+1/1d6+1, respectively.

The 100 m version is 6 HD with a 2d6 breath attack. Its bite/tail attacks do 1d6/1d8

The truly monstrous 124-150 m variety has 7 HD and a breath attack doing 2d8. It's bite/tail slaps do 1d8/2d4.


Chris C. said...

Cool. I clicked back to your original "Giant Space Robots!" post and saw the Ultraman picture. Total blast from the past. I used to watch that every morning at breakfast before school when I was a kid. I even had an Ultraman Halloween costume one year. Kept the neighborhood safe from monsters that night, that's for sure. :)

Gothridge Manor said...

I never saw this Godzilla chart before. If I was a 10 year-old me I would so want that on my wall.

I never realized their was a size disparity. Kinda cool to see them side-by-side.