Thursday, May 8, 2014

Worlds of the Vokun Empire

by Arve Sellesbakk
EBEN: (Primary: Ushkalish, F9.5) The homeworld of the ibglibdishpan--or at least where they are found currently. Eben is a highly ordered world where everyone knows their place, assigned by aptitude testing in adolescence. The importance of their service to the vokun is stressed in all facets of ibglibdishpan life.

by Sam Mulqueen
UTU-AN: (Primary: Matari ) The watery world of the aquatic Dragon Mothers and their human worshipers/pets the kuath.

Art by Fernando Rodrigues
YANTRA: (Primary: Suryana, G7V) The paradise (before the arrival of the vokun) inhabited by the primitive humanoids called the Yantrans.The vokun occupation has been plagued by a number of unusual setbacks.

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