Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Alex Toth Casting Agency

Need a different look for an NPC or a weird monster of some sort? Check out the model sheets and concept art created for Hanna-Barbera by the late, great Alex Toth:

"futuristic city dwellers", maybe. Or maybe some fantasy city:


The rulers of the cat people:

A wizard and his pets:

A wizard with a nose piercing and fairy lackeys:

Visiting dignitaries:


garrisonjames said...

Great stuff--Alex Toth was an incredible illustrator. I really like the critters from 'Birdman,' and those cat-people, er 'Katkins,' look pretty cool as well...

Scott Anderson said...

Shades of The Monarch from Venture Bros. there with the wizard and his fairie lackeys!

So weird and fun to see that unmistakable H-B adventure show style as preliminary pencils and markers.

Gary said...

Tailor-made for an Encounter Critical game!

Chris C. said...

These are definitely some great inspirational images.

Kevin Ryan said...

It may be possible that the wizard is Jamie Farr.