Friday, May 1, 2015

Another Head of the Hydra

As mentioned by Chris Kutalik on his blog earlier this week, I've joined forces with the Hydra Cooperative. You already know Hydra, of course, from the very successful Kickstarter and release of Slumbering Ursine Dunes. I've worked with Hydra on some of the stretch goals (soon to be released!) for Dunes, so in addition to knowing the members socially from G+ and the blogosphere, I also know they are a creative bunch of guys and dedicated to turning out great rpg projects. I don't mind admitting that after the grueling last few miles in the marathon that was Strange Stars, I was considering taking a looonnng break from indie publishing after I got the gamebooks out. Working with Hydra has given me a bit of a rejuvenation.

So it seems natural to merge my Armchair Planet storefront with Hydra's. This will give them a higher profile and given customers one place to go to get all of our products.  Like what, you ask? Well, Strange Trails--my pre-Weird Adventures free pdf is already there. So is Mike Davison's feudal Japan-tinged old retro-clone, Ruins & Ronin, and a host of Hill Cantons-related goodies. And that's just the beginning. A Hydra website is in the works, but for now, check out the G+ forum for updates.

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